The Narrowbacks

Meet The Band

nar·row·back /ˈnæroʊˌbæk/ [nar-oh-bak]
–noun Slang.

1. Disparaging. an Irish-American.

2. a person of slight build who is unfit for hard labor.


The brain child of a future banker and a drop out bartender, The Narrowbacks are a fresh voice for songs and stories old and new. After some late night sing songs, a couple whiskeys and a few lost jobs we came up with a young punk attitude that found itself running through the veins of an old time folk band. The Narrowbacks: American First, Irish Always.


Seamus Keane (Vocals, Harmonica)


Born in the Bronx, NY and grew up between Pearl River , NY and Tuxedo, NY. Co-Founded the band with Barry Walsh. Played Rugby at Iona and Gaelic football with Rockland GFC.

Barry Walsh (Tenor Banjo, Mandolin)


Born in the Bronx, NY and moved to Stony Point, NY in Rockland County at a young age. Started the band with Seamus Keane while attending Iona College. Played rugby at Iona and Gaelic Football for Rockland GFC. Veteran of the punk scene as a teenager, notably recording and touring with band Southcott. Currently lives in Manhattan.
Patrick Keane (Button Accordion)


From Pearl River, NY. Plays Gaelic Football for Rockland. Learned the button accordion under the tutelage of Kathy Linnane as a teenager and later on Celtic Cross’ John Vesey helped him pick it back up.
Fionn McElligot (Guitar)


Born in Queens, NY moving to Rockland County in late elementary school. Also plays Gaelic football for Rockland where he befriended both Seamus and Pat Keane. Avid Kerry gaelic football supporter.
Chris Moran (Drums, Percussion)


From Brewster, NY. Studied Mass Communication at Iona College where he met both Barry and Seamus. Resides in Brooklyn where he teaches music.

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